Message in a Bottle


Message in a bottle is a unique personalised gift. This piece of art is handcrafted and impeccably designed to display your affection and thought for the receiver.

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Message in a bottle is inspired from the older golden times when people could either express through words or letters. People, especially sailors, losing their lives in a shipwreck, who could not express their feelings to their loved ones would pen down their heart on a paper, roll it inside a bottle and toss into the ocean hoping for their loved one to find it one day. Our message in a bottle keepsake is a way to bring back the essence of true love by writing down what one feels and giving it right from the heart. This thoughtful keepsake displays the significance of the receiver for the giver. This elegant and magnificent piece of art enhances the beauty of your abode. This is also a useful and innovative product that can be extensively put to use by individuals, MNC’s and business houses for invitations etc.

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Weight 825 g
Dimensions 22 × 7.5 cm


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